Designing with Children


Courtesy: Mina Rezaei

Every so often we come across interesting work that does not neatly ‘fit’ in as a project within our that sits alongside what we do, but which is worth highlighting and sharing. One such piece of work, we have learnt about is from Mina who recently contacted us to share her experience of involvement in teenager’s engagement in urban planning in Tehran. Influenced by the work of Rob White, Patsy Owens, Karen Malone and Louise Chawla, Mina Rezaei, recently completed her Masters thesis at the University of Tehran. Mina tells us that participatory planning and design is a fairly new concept in Iran and any existing work in this area rarely invites children and young people into the process. Mina’s own research broke this mould by involving eighty 15 to 18 year olds in critical evaluation of the spaces where they live around Golha, Tehran. They used online mapping techniques, visual methods, questionnaires and social networking, then went on to identify improvements in and making recommendation aimed at local planning authorities, especially around matters of limited green space and the over-dominance of traffic and parking. Perhaps this is the beginning for more planners, designers and researchers, emerging in Iran, to ask for young people’s direct involvement in making the changes.

Posted 3rd December 2014 9:34 by Jo Birch

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